Foreword from Steve Rotherham

Steve Rotheram, Metro Mayor for Liverpool City Region

The Liverpool City Region is uniquely placed to take full advantage of Year of the Environment throughout 2019.

We have an eclectic mix of stunning coastline, wonderful open green spaces, beautiful wildlife and a river which has been the beating heart of our area for centuries.

But while Year of the Environment is a golden opportunity to showcase our stunning natural assets – it must also be used to start a conversation on how we protect and preserve them for future generations.

After all, every one of the 1.5million people who call the Liverpool City Region home deserves to live in a place with good air quality, sustainable waste levels and clean and renewable energy.

In recent years, the focus on national government tackling climate change and environmental damage has shifted to cities and city regions.

We must embrace this challenge; stand ready to shape the debate; and in true pioneering spirit – for which we are famous – we must create the ideas to foster lasting change.

I am prepared for this – and look forward to taking part in as many events, meeting as many people, and contributing to as many debates as possible during these 12 months.

Steve Rotheram