Partners and sponsors

For those groups or organisations who would like to be partners, have signed up to the aims of the year and are keen to be involved – but not necessarily at the level of sponsorship – we will provide details on request for a Year of Environment partner pack.

We expect partners to be groups or organisations that would want to be part of the bigger Liverpool City Region environmental conservation going forward, stay connected with this initiative, and wish to use the Year as a vehicle to help promote their own organisation and activities. We would hope to maintain an ongoing relationship after 2019. Partners would be expected to cascade Year of Environment key messages and use branding appropriately, and actively promote the Year of Environment with their own stakeholders, including putting on appropriate activities and events.

A special thanks goes to our lead partners, sponsors and other partners without whom we would not be able to deliver such a comprehensive year of green action.

Lead Partners



Sponsors (in no particular order)


All Partners (in no particular order)