A big thank you to everyone who has pledged so far. Collectively we can make a difference!

To make a pledge for the Year of Environment visit our make a pledge page or Tweet using the hastag #iwill4yoe and copy in our Twitter @yoe2019lcr

In 2019 I will…

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Paul Molyneux
In 2019, I Pledge to: I have rallied around our section within St. Helens Council and as a group we
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Tim Jones
In 2019, I Pledge to: Reduce energy consumption from council buildings and activities Set targets to eliminate single use plastic
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In 2019, I pledge to: Cycle and Walk more Start Composting Use my reusable water bottle and coffee cup
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Andrew Clark
Eat less red meat. Buy exclusively free range poultry. Grow more veg.
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Brian Scarisbrick
I will collect litter and dispose of it whenever possible. I will continue to plant as many species as possible
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Naomi Graham
Get more people using bikes, start a reuse project, plant trees.
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Cat Woods
In 2019 I will…Host a series of clothes swap events to reduce waste and help combat climate change.
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Helen Almond
In 2019 I will…Plant a tree in my garden aim to recycle more and try to walk more.
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Pam Dugdale
In 2019 I will…continue to develop my understanding of natural resources and sustainable energy, and endeavour to pass on my
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Christine Connor
In 2019 I will…Continue to observe and learn about the wildlife in my city and beyond. I aim to walk
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