Schools Poster Competition

The YOE2019LCR Schools Poster competition sponsored by environmental consultants TEP Ltd explored the ‘Water Theme‘ which is 1 of 8 environmental themes at the focus of the Liverpool City Region Year of Environment 2019.

Winner from St. Teresa Of Lisieux Catholic Primary School

We had 7 fantastic Primary Schools from throughout the City Region take part in this competition, with over 300 poster entries! Thank you to:

  • St. Bartholomew’s Catholic Primary School
  • Haydock English Martyr’s Catholic Primary School
  • St. Julie Catholic Primary School
  • Ladymount Catholic Primary School
  • St. Oswald’s Church of England Primary School
  • St. Teresa Lisieux Primary School
  • Waterloo Primary School

With so many amazing entries it was difficult to pick a winner. After careful consideration our judges selected two winning posters from:

  • Haydock English Martyr’s Catholic Primary School
  • St. Teresa Of Lisieux Catholic Primary School

In choosing the winners, the judge’s made the following comments:

‘We liked the strong image of the wave and the clean water that we want to preserve, and the range of environmental issues that were illustrated with interesting icons. This student packed a lot of information and themes into their poster, in a clear, easy to understand summary. They also emphasised saving water, animals and the whole planet, with a green and blue colour scheme referencing the earth.’Haydock English Martyr’s Catholic Primary School

‘This was a very bold, colourful and creative design, using collage to catch the eye and show the themes of water and fish. We liked how it summarised a couple of the main themes, of reducing water usage, stopping plastic pollution and protecting marine life. The repeated hashtag slogan at the top also shows a simple but powerful message, and reminds us that we can all help to spread the word.’St. Teresa Of Lisieux Catholic Primary School

In addition to our winners, we also shortlisted 21 posters which were showcased alongside the winning posters at the first LCR Environmental Summit held on Friday 8th November 2019.

Overall, the judges were highly impressed by all the entries and made the following comments:

‘It was a very tough choice, and we really appreciated every single entry! There were some really creative, colourful and comprehensive designs, and we loved how the students really engaged with the range of topics relating to water. Global imagery of the earth appeared quite a few times, showing that students are thinking about how their actions can impact or protect the environment, animals and people around the world, as well as in their local area. There are clearly a lot of passionate young environmental ambassadors out there. We hope that they all continue to care for the earth, spread the word about environmentally friendly lifestyles, and carry on being creative!’